What don’t you want in your Life? Stress? Money problems? Bad Health? Overweight? I submit to that what you tell yourself/your universe allows only for the universe to exactly reflect back to you…
The Universes Receives and Reflects…

When you say to yourself, “I don’t want stress”
What the Universe reflects back is, “Want stress”
You say,” No more money problems?”
The universe reflects back, “More money problems”
“I’m sick of my Bad Health.”
The Universe reflects back, “Sickness and Bad Health.”
You say to yourself, “I hate that I’m fat.”
The universe reflects back, not only fat but also

The hate associated to the fat in your world and the world around you.

So what if you changed your inner and outer dialogue to not what you don’t want to receive but what you want to generate in your life?
What if your dialogue your reception and reflection about the stress instead was simply, “Serenity.” Then you set up for the universe to reflect Serenity to you.
You can’t say, “I want serenity.” Because you reflect back the want of serenity not simply, “Serenity.”

What if your, “Money problems” became “Abundance.”
Not “I want abundance.” Which would reflect back as the wanting of abundance as opposed to simply Abundance itself.
Bad health simply becomes “Healthy” and not the wanting of health.
Overweight you tell yourself I have a bad metabolism?
What if instead, you received and reflected “Vibrant Metabolism.”

The Universe and Nature are not emotional. They are only our reception of them.

One person receives an angry and destructive storm

Another a gentle rain.

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