Sensei Kathleen………………..

A Reporter on the set of the movie Somersby once wrote about Kathleen when following her around on set, “Kathleen Bobak is a wonder, she wore me out when she stood still.”

And in the stillness Kathleen enjoys behind the Camera and in her relationship with Nature is the same effervescent joy she has faced all of life’s best and worst of. Because whether overcoming not one but two broken necks, the loss of both her parents and overcoming Breast Cancer twice. There is a symbiosis in nature and our life’s purpose that Kathleen sees and embraces like no other. So when a single flower blooms from the undergrowth of burned forest come new life both frail and ferocious.

A photographer who’s film career and love of people gives Kathleen a deep sense to breath new life into the imagery that is your sites and events.

A public speaker Kathleen shares her stories as the stories of us all. Rarely if ever will you meet your fragility and see such joy and know that you ARE.

Kathleen’s health journeys are the catalyst to yet her biggest purpose in healing the world of autoimmunity. Soon to receive her practitioner certification in Functional medicine and opening the eye’s of all of us. We live, eat, breath………………………………

Lastly, Kathleen the poet speaks the knowledge for our futures.

Working with Kathleen is a gift truly realized……………….


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